1. Rationality for rationality, I have some prmlebos with wine that prevents me to consider it an optimal solution:- bad integration with the filesystem (click save as and you are presented with c: and z: drives..) – alien toolkit (but guess google it’s going to use an alien, own, toolkit anyway) – still stubbed everywhereWhile I’d appreciate someone developing a program and testing it with wine in order to let it run on linux *either* I for sure consider non-sense to develop a linux only application on wine. Sure, Google Chrome falls in the former category, but from google (and for a browser application) one would expect a little more, no ?By the way, the actual linux code of chrome does not use wine, and switching it to wine would be what I would consider an hack.@Julian: Google already used Wine for its software (Picasa). I don’t know if it’s actually open source, but I guess not. LPGL clauses make a difference between statically and dynamically linked libraries, and I guess because of that clauses Google software can be proprietary even using wine.

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