1. I think that is beyond my scope of ‘hacking’. 🙂 That is why I’m using the +/- mehotd. You may want to check out .I know what you want to do…have an easy way (like the widget link list) to add links to your blog. Well, if you look at the +/- Blogging Chicks Blogroll, you will see that it is a lengthy list. It is easy to open a blogroll and put the list in your sidebar. Plus, adding a link to your blogroll is very simple to keep a long link list and add links to it on the fly. Go to and sign up. They have a feature called 1 Click Blogrolling. This is from their site:”To install the one-click link addition bookmarklet. You can add links to your blogroll without ever coming back to the site. Just drag the link below to your links bar in IE and Netscape and when you’re at a site you want to add to a blogroll just click the link. A pop-up window will present the pre-filled out link options for the site you’re browsing.”Simple, quick and tidy. I personally like the look of the +/- feature more than the klunky drop down menu. It is cleaner. But, that is just me.

  2. Hi Dan,Thanks for stopping by. As I’m sure you realize, this is not a Remington web site, and I doubt if any of the Remington customer reps will see your message here. I edited out your phone # for your privacy. You might want to go to their site and e-mail or call them directly.Richard

  3. Markus from Switzerland, September 24, 2012 at 11:21 AM Besonders gefallen hat uns die traumhafte Lage oberhalb des mit beeindruckender Aussicht, die wunderbare grosszügige Terrasse, die herrliche Vegetation und der gepflegte Pool. Hervorzuheben sind der ausgezeichnete Service und das hilfsbereite Personal.

  4. Fantastic! I've been trying to point out infringing videos to people by just posting a text comment, a non-negative one I assure you, but it's all come back at my face. This would be so nice because now users can get that warning they've been wanting so badly.Only uploading videos that contain 100% your own material (with the exception of material that the person has permission to use) has become such a lost concept. I've seen people joke as if it weren't true.Broadcast Yourself… Not other people's work. How difficult is that to understand?

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